To all parish councillors in Eynsford Ward

Members of the Parish Council will be aware that I was effectively de-selected as Conservative candidate for the new Upper Wensum ward by the allocations panel. I had protested this decision but was advised that it was irreversible. However over the last few days the decision has again been questioned and last night at the executive meeting it was reversed. I do thank all of those who supported me and lobbied on my behalf. I am really appreciative for the comments, telephone calls and emails of support I have received.

I can now confirm that I will now be the prospective conservative candidate for Upper Wensum ward at Breckland in May 2015. This will be alongside Bill Borrett in what will be a two person ward. Bill will of course also remain the County member for most of the new enlarged ward

 The Ward will consist  of the villages of:-

Bawdeswell,  Billingford,  Bintree, Brisley, Bylaugh, Elsing, Foxley, Gateley, Guist, Hockering, Lyng, North Elmham, North Tuddenham, Sparham, Twyford, and the hamlets and settlements between.

Thats 15 villages, albeit some are very small, and about 1 1/2 times the number of voters which Bill and I currently represent together. As both successful candidates will become jointly responsible and therefore will both represent all the people we cannot divide the ward although I do pledge, if elected, to work with Bill, I hope, or any other elected person for the good of the whole Ward. I will also pledge to attend as many as possible of all Parish Council meetings, and to continue to fully represent the area and it’s people in Breckland.

It must be emphasised that the change of boundaries was forced upon Breckland as a council and was not sought or indeed supported by any I know of. I did, as many are aware, alongside a few other councillors, submit alternative suggestions which the LABC chose to ignore. I know some of you did the same.  Between now and Christmas I will develop my own manifesto, along side Bill, and will no doubt speak to many parishioners as I move through the villages.

One offer I do make is that if any group wishes to know more about Breckland or what I stand for I am happy to attend small meetings and answer any questions or hear your concerns in a non party political manner. Speak to me for details.



I am often critical of planning committee decisions but today they got it right. (twice actually) The matter of interest to me was the application for over 250 houses etc between Derham and Yaxham had just not been thought through enough and the weaknesses were revealed by the committee.

Planning officers are of course the experts in planning regulations and laws, but, and it is a big but! they do need to follow the lead of the councillors who are the representatives of the voters in Breckland. Today it was right to reject the recommendations they had been given.

In my opinion there were a number of reasons for rejection, but they ‘deferred’ the decision giving the applicants and officers time to work out matters which are more acceptable to the local community. I await its return with interest.

So why do I have an interest? Well next May I am moving wards and Yaxham which overlooks the site will be in that ward. I have in my pre election moves around the New Mattishall Ward (East Tuddenham, Garveston, Mattishall, Whinburgh, Westfield and Yaxham) spoken to many concerned residents and will begetting up to speed it the event of me being elected I can then take issue if it is not concluded by then.

Residents in the area can always contact me with concerns sgbjays@aol.com 07540 973229


Residents across Breckland are being encouraged to join together to see if they could help each other make real savings on their energy bills.

Breckland’s Big Switch and Save has been organised by Breckland Council and aims to unite households across the district in saving money on their gas and electricity bills. The initiative works by signing up hundreds of local homes to the programme and then negotiating tariffs on mass to get energy providers’ cheapest deals.

This is the third time the initiative has run in Breckland. Last time (November 2013), more than 1,500 people from the district signed up to take part, with those choosing to make the switch to a cheaper tariff averaging savings of £104.69.

“The prospect of potentially gaining hundreds or thousands of new customers can be a great way to get providers’ best deals, so it is an initiative that brings benefits for everyone!”

To take part in Breckland’s Big Switch and Save, residents simply need to complete an online form detailing their name, address, energy usage, and current tariff. The scheme is absolutely free, there’s no obligation for people to change suppliers if they decide not to, and there are no charges for taking part.

Once the registration period closes, Breckland will work with its partner, ichoosr, to invite energy providers from across the country to bid for the custom of the residents who have signed up. Following this ‘reverse auction’, each registered resident will be sent a personalised offer by the winning energy provider.

If people like the offer, Breckland and ichoosr will support them to make the switch. If residents choose not to change suppliers, they simply take no action and remain with their current provider and on their current tariff.

For more information, including a short film about the process, and to sign up go to: www.breckland.gov.uk/content/brecklands-big-switch-and-save. People who don’t have access to the internet can also sign up by calling Breckland’s Customer Service team on 01362 656870. Residents must register their interest before October 14 to take part.

Residents living outside of Breckland’s boundaries can still benefit from the Switch and Save initiative as it is also being run by district councils across the county.




Drivers in Dereham are being reminded of the importance of showing respect to local residents when they get behind the wheel.

Breckland Council and Norfolk Police are re-launching their joint Respect campaign, which calls on drivers to be courteous towards residents, while gaining the respect of local people by acting responsibly.

The initiative is focused on the town’s Cherry Tree Car Park, off Theatre Street and Market Place, which is a designated ‘respect’ zone. As part of the scheme, signs around the car park remind drivers to respect nearby residents by not congregating there at night, not playing loud music, and not circling the car park or racing in it. The zone is marked by green parking bays, while ‘Respect’ is also painted in green on the road.

The partnership initiative sees Norfolk Police officers regularly visiting the car park as part of their patrols to ensure drivers are using it appropriately and not causing a disturbance. They provide advice to drivers and, if necessary, warn them about the consequences of driving in an anti-social manner, which in extreme circumstances could see vehicles confiscated.

The project originally began in 2008, and is being re-launched now to ensure existing users of the car park are reminded of the projects aims, while introducing it to new drivers too. The relaunch will also see the faded green bays and ‘respect’ wording repainted to make them more visible.

Sergeant Andrew Crown, from Norfolk Police, added: “This initiative has already proved that it can encourage drivers to think about their actions. However, we do still occasionally receive reports of ‘boy racers’ behaving inappropriately, so we hope that this will serve as a reminder that we do keep an eye on how the car park is used and we will take action if necessary.

“The upcoming relaunch aims to build on our success so far and will hopefully help to eliminate antisocial behaviour in the area altogether. We are particularly looking to engage with drivers who perhaps haven’t come across the Respect scheme before, so we can work with them and discourage inappropriate behaviour.”

The repainting of the green bays and messaging is due to take place on September 1, which will require parts of the Cherry Tree Car Park to be temporarily cordoned off. However, the majority of the car park will remain open and in use during the work. The car park continues to be accessible 24-hours a day and is free to use.



VOTE                 DIMOGLOU

VOTE                BAMBRIDGE


Having decided to accept the offer to stand in Mattishall ward at next May’s elections I have started to prepare in those villages. I have established initial contacts in places, found out about Parish Council Meetings, spoken to a few villagers and had a good productive meeting with my co-candidate Pablo and we a setting out a programme of visits before the next election.
Of course we are ‘just candidates’ who are relying on your votes, but if we are successful we are both promising to actively represent the area.  You will have two votes on the District Council ballot, use them wisely by voting for:-
Pablo Dimoglou has a business in the Ward and is really active already in Parish matters, plus he knows may people locally and across Mid Norfolk. This will be his first time on the District Council but he is committed to spend the time to represent all of the villages
Gordon Bambridge has been on Breckland Council for twelve years in an adjacent ward and is one of the hardest working councillors on Breckland, representing the villages of Bawdeswell, Bylaugh, Foxley, Lyng and Sparham, so check me out
Together  we believe we can work with the Parish, County Councils and Parliament to make a real change in Mattishall Ward which now consists of the parishes of
Garveston, East Tuddenham, Mattishall, Westfield, Whinburgh and Yaxham
We cannot of course, act for you formally until we are elected, but any matters you raise with us when we meet on the streets, in the shops or on your doorstep we will raise with the appropriate authority and we will get back to you


A number of people have commented on the recent application for solar farm on Heath Road.

Please email your comments to me on;-



The below notes are copy & paste from some of the emails I have received since yesterday, I do not often pass on such stuff, but it is very nice to know I have been appreciated. What is interesting is that two of the four commend standing as an independent….food for thought?

I have left any identification of the writers off these quotes:-



 Thanks for the very sad news, you will be sorely missed by all here in ————–, but thank you for all the help ably and willingly given to this parish and your many other villages.  Thank you also for all the assistance and wise counsel you have given to me personally over the years.

 Ever thought of standing as an independent?!!

 My very best regards,




Sorry to lose you.

Stand as an independent, show the party it’s the man not the politics, that has support!

Best wishes


Oh dear this is not good. You have been such a supportive, encouraging and thoughtful councillor and we will be the poorer without you.

I am so disappointed but know that sometimes things change and we must get on with it, but this is not for for the good.


Dear Gordon
I am sorry to read that you will not be our Councillor anymore. I would like to thank you for all your help and advise you have given me over this past 4 years it has been incredible.
Thank you



Those who read my last blog post will be aware that I was looking forward to representing the villages of Bawdeswell, Bylaugh, Foxley, Lyng and Sparham in Eynsford Ward from the next election for another four years, in the newly formed Upper Wensum Ward. Sadly this is looking unlikely.

I was first elected to represent Eynsford in May 2003 and during the ensuing almost 12 years I feel that I have done so with diligence and fairness. Whilst elected as a conservative candidate I believe that I have been politically blind when it comes to representing the people of the Ward. This has been blessed by an increasing majority at each election.

The Conservative party for Mid Norfolk have allocated others to represent you in the new ward and despite me making strong representations for remaining your candidate after next May, these have fallen on deaf ears.

This has left me to consider, as I have over the last two weeks, what I should do. I have been offered the opportunity to stand in Mattishall Ward as a conservative. I could of course stand as an independent in Upper Wensum, but historically this means I am unlikely to be elected in the new larger ward where I am less well known. I have therefore decided with great regret that I will be standing in Mattishall in May 2015.

Up to that time I will still be attending all your parish meetings where it is possible and of course taking up  parish and personal matters as before.

I will really miss you all, both in parish councils and the other public and private meetings we have enjoyed over the years, and as always will be happy to meet or speak about all matters at any time.


As you are aware EYNSFORD ward in Breckland is being incorporated with Upper Wensum ward and additional villages into a two member super ward from the next election to be called Upper Wensum Ward

At the moment we are the five villages of Bawdeswell, Bylaugh, Foxley, Lyng and Sparham. From May 2015 we will be joined with Brisley, Gateley, Guist, Twyford, Billingford, Bintree,  North Elmham, Elsing, Hockering and North Tuddenham.

The ward will  be represented by two members who will be jointly responsible for the whole ward. At the election you will be able to have two votes on the ballot form.

I intend to stand for the seat and will be able to answer questions at the parish meetings in Eynsford Ward over the coming weeks, I will also respond to telephone or emails of course. I also intend to get around to the “new to me’ villages between now an the election campaign to find out the problems and concerns they may have. I hope to be elected as one of your representatives on Breckland

With 15 villages instead of 6 it will be a bit of a stretch, so anyone who is willing to help with delivering  a few leaflets will be very welcome on board and we can talk about that again in the spring.

I believe I have been a good Ward Councillor in the past 12 years and represented both the parishes and individuals well, if you agree please pass that on to any friend you may have in the new Upper Wensum Ward.


These are my presentation notes to the Inspector at the recent oral floor hearing
  1. Generally supportive of the concept of the NDR but some concerns regarding the impact on the communities we represent to the West of Norwich primarily those along and off the A1067.
  2. Road traffic, including LGV vehicles is already being directed through Hockering village centre (N – S) and Hockering/Weston/Honingham/North Tuddenham (S – N)  
  3. An historical disquiet regarding the failure to keep communities advised This fear is based upon misinformation given to local public meetings in over three decades including  (a) the institution of the lorry route and (b) at the building of roundabout on A47 and (c) at the failure to improve the Berrys Lane – Wood Lane junction on A47
  4. Local residents are aware of increased traffic on the commended routes over and above the natural predicted increase, and of an overspill into other routes 
  5. Concern over ‘rat runs’ including those through Ringland, Weston Longville, Hockering, Honingham, North and East Tuddenham, Lyng, Bawdeswell and other villages. As District Councillors all of these have been mentioned to us with concern. These routes are over busy at peak times now, and additional predicted traffic is worrying (cf AA mapping exp)
  6. Concern reference (S -N) LVG traffic using Lyng Village centre
  7. We note that, for example Sat-Nav directions from Bawdeswell to Wymondham directs traffic via Norwich ring road, that does not happen
  8. Concern over the condition of verge edges on several route including the recently approved and improved A1067/A47 link road from Gt Witchingham to Honingham and North Tuddenham. This includes 10 right angle bends on under-width routes used by maximum sized LGV vehicles partly one way partly two way (C173-C451-C493-C173-C198)
  9. Concern regarding unsuitable access to the A47 at Wood Lane Junction (C451) and at Hockering (C173) and lesser extent North Tuddenham (C198)
  10. Concern at increased traffic predicted at Hockering Heath Road, Honingham Wood Lane and East Tuddenham Sandy Lane
  11. As district Councillors we are aware that new housing is required, and not just in Greater Norwich, all districts are seeking additional housing within there own communities and this will increase pressure on already challenged roads 
  12. Concern at the disadvantage to local businesses, large and small, from lack of a complete road. This includes the Norwich Airport which is expanding and draws much of its passenger and business traffic from West of Norwich
What we would like to see is that the project considers these points within the proposals that are before the hearing, plus that a commendation be made that to fully satisfy the requirements of these communities and of the people of Norfolk as a whole that the Norwich Northern Distributor Road be made a complete route from A47 East to A47 West giving the communities we represent a degree of certainty.  
That when the Western section is completed as this design, that local improvements to rural roads currently being used as rat-runs are improved in particular the junctions both on and off the A1067 and the A47. 
Greater Norwich and the various communities living to the North of the city and up to the coast need this improvement. We are here today to ensure that the people we represent in Breckland villages are not disadvantaged by these proposals 
The views expressed on this website are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Conservative Councillors' Association or the Conservative Party.