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    Breckland draws ever closer to finalising its local plan – as chairman of the Local Plan Working Group I am now expecting our last meeting to be on 16th June. We will make commendations which will carry it forward to approval by the council ┬áin July, on it’s way it will pass through Scrutiny and…

  • General Election

    The ‘snap election’ is almost upon us. Can you help in Mid Norfolk, if so then please get in touch. I am still suffering the after effects of a nasty six week virus, so will not be doing much but many may be willing to help out.

  • Michael Fanthorpe

    I attended the funeral of Michael Fanthorpe yesterday. I have known Michael for many years but particularly well for the last 14 both as a councillor with Dereham and Breckland and as a landlord and fellow antique dealer in his centre in Dereham where I rented a room. He was one of a kind, eccentric…