8TH JUNE 2017 saw a general election called by Prime Minister May. She need not have called it, but had very good reasons, the main declared one being that the next scheduled election in 2020 would have been very close to the end of Brexit.

This turned out to be a misjudgement on her part. When it was called conservatives were riding high in the polls and labour were at a very low ebb with infighting and apparent levels of incompetence within the higher levels of the party. Jeremy Corbyn, as it turns out, proved to be a good people man when it comes to getting out voters. I recall saying do not underestimate this man when he won the first of his leadership elections and again when he transformed membership of his party.

The problem the country has is that he is a traditional left wing labour politician, and no one under the age of 60 can possible remember what it is like to live under that sort of regime. Three day working weeks, power cuts and brownouts. rubbish piling up in the streets up to the eaves of buildings in many areas, bodies left unburied for three to four months, sky high interest rates, petrol rationing, high taxes and so on. The question is do we want this again, and it certainly could happen very quickly.

Personally I deplore the centralisation in politics, labour has drifted to the right in my lifetime and conservatives have drifted to the left. There is actually little difference between Cameron and Blair and this coming together has blunted the interest in politics that many, and especially younger people have had until recently. This has caused the confusion of the rising of many smaller parties who seek to fit somewhere, usually with a focussed yet uncertain agenda.

The EU referendum proved to be a catalyst, we had an issue which polarised people in a way similar to real politics up to the 1980’s. The fact that this has spilled over into a general election is on the whole good, although I will really canvas to ensure that we do not have another left wing labour administration in our country, we really cannot afford it. To paraphrase someone much wiser than I,    ‘A socialist will keep spending until they run out of other peoples money’  or as a cartoon in a national paper this week – showing  the labour leader with a school cookery class explaining socialism,  you make a cake, I will take the cake, someone else will eat the cake

I will write more on this subject……