Local Flavours

Local Flavours is an exhibition for food producers, growers and suppliers in Norfolk. Many of these are in the Breckland area. Norfolk is largely a farming county, but we also have an amazing array of craft food businesses who use the crops grown in the county to convert into luxury foods. Milk into cheese, pork into sausages and ham etc, potatoes into hand fried crisps. Alongside beers, gin’s, juices. we see local companies packing and developing teas, coffees and chocolates. East Anglia and especially Norfolk are becoming a real centre for foodies in this country.

Above you can see Craig and Cassie from Breckland who had just picked up an award for the Council in recognition of our support of the event over last five years. Craig is setting up a new training arm for food hygiene and handling over the region and Cassie is representing our property support arm, helping businesses get established in Breckland. Do contact us if you are thinking about setting up in the area, if you are looking for help, or looking for premises. Breckland is a great place to live and work.