Shop Local

Picked up from a Dereham Facebook page today sadness at yet another unit being taken over by a charity.  See my comments below

I am more that saddened that we have another charity shop opening in the town. But the fact that it is, is really down to all of us who do not shop in the locally owned and smaller shops in the town. Until we do they will not be viable and will close over time. Too many of us do too large a percentage of our shop in the large multiples, and I can understand why,  but each time we do not use an independant then thats one more nail in the coffin of our town centre. If we all committed to spend just one pound out of every four in our weekly budget the town centre would be saved and start to grow. Whether is food, clothes, electrical, decorating, bring back that trade to the town and village shops. That pound will support a local family and not a corporate entity.  It will in turn support other local shops,because sole traders tend to support sole traders. Lots of you moan about the queues outside Tesco/Lidle/Aldi,  you could help to reduce them by shopping in the town centre, and parking in town is FREE also.  It is also, of course, beholden upon local traders to give good service and sell quality + value product in other words what people want.   I use a local butcher, I know where the meat comes from, it is fresh and not been dropped on a factory floor, and it is actually cheaper as well as being better!!   I recently wanted a part for my dishwasher.  Bought it in Dereham from a private trader at a low price and they knocked the pennies off. I will commit to spend at least 25% of my budget locally with independant traders, AND I will seek to increase this amount going forwards – will all of you?