At Work – African tribal figure – mid 20th century Rhodesia

  • Me in Dereham Antiques Centre, where I used to have a room.  When not being a councillor I deal mainly in old coins and military buttons and badges, but like most traders I also buy and sell many types of curios and ‘interesting’ old bits. Here I am looking at a piece of tribal art from late 1950’s to early 1960’s. It was given to one of the engineers building the Kariba Dam on the Zambesi river.  This carving is incredibly beautiful and is very much better quality than the usual tourist carvings you could pick up on a visit to Victoria Falls at the time.
  • Just recently I have handled a medal from Nelsons Navy, one from the marriage of George the fifth and another for his son George the sixth, coins from Edward 3rd and Elizabeth 1st, medals for Victorias Golden Jubilee and several victorian police medals. I have a WW1 French helmet dug up in 2013 on a Normandy Beach, work that one out?  PLUS. Dealing in collectables works incredibly well with being a councillor. The hours are short, my timing is flexible and many of my constituents can reach me easily. I now work on the internet and at fairs from a lock up in Dereham and can fit this in with other duties around my commitment to the Council. Most weeks I have about three/four meetings  in Elizabeth House, plus some parish visits or meetings and a lot of reading. After a working life driving about 50,000 miles per year running a business this is all incredibly relaxing.
  • I am always interested in talking to people about their collections and sometimes purchasing them. I also will value a collection on a commercial basis for either probate or insurance reasons. Sometimes will give a short talk on coin collecting to local groups.